Bold Agro.


About our Company

Kasz-Coop Kft. developed significantly and spectacularly in the past years. In the beginning we started with some employees as a machine-operating company, later we expanded its activity with the agriculture. We have tried a great number of ways, grasped many possibilities. When it was necessary, we boldly changed and change not was well, since we change our name from Kasz-Coop Kft. to Bold Agro Kft.

Why is it Bold Agro?

Our Company has become an agricultural producing and service providing firm belonging to the cutting edge in Europe by the present time, which is not expressed worthily by the old name.
The revival is also given the reasons for that our Company has established several international relationships, and we have felt it for a long time that we would need for a name sounding good abroad as well. Therefore the company management has decided on the change of the name.

„Bold” is an English expression, which means expansion, decisiveness and daring, and the “agro” means agriculture. Thus Bold Agro means all that Kasz-Coop Kft. achieved in the past years. It involves development, the achieved results and our future plans. Hereafter we will express it with our new name.

New name, old values

The change does affect other areas, everything is going on in the same way.
The mission of Bold-Agro Kft. continues to produce agricultural produces of excellent quality by implementing the efficient and responsible production, thereby contributing to the implementation of the sustainable agriculture in Hungary. Its objective is that it should be one of the most efficient agricultural companies in Europe.
One of the most important values of our company is the products of excellent quality. All developments and trainings are carried out for this. The passion for efficiency is very important, which was present in the life of Kasz-Coop Kft. through Imre Szab founding the company since the beginning, who always searched for the answer how to do it better. By today this passion for efficiency has become a fundamental value of our company and it is the driver of our firm. We have always tried to apply the most up-to-date knowledge in the practice, i.e. an important value of ours is the knowledge-based agriculture. However, all these would be impossible without the workers of the company.

Appreciated workers’ community

We think that our company is not only a workplace, but rather a good workers’ community, in which mutual respect and appreciation are characteristic. Behind our successes our workers’ commitment, knowledge, enthusiasm are standing. All of us endeavour to produce quality products, and meanwhile the happiness, welfare of those leaving in our neighbourhood is also important.
Our aim is to cooperate with partners getting on well, developing. 100% of our workers are Hungarian, and we recognize their work not only financially, but also morally. We are proud that we build Bold-Agro Kft. together with our workers through the joint knowledge and experience, which is one of the most efficient agricultural enterprises in Hungary.


Bold Agro Kft. is one of the most effective agricultural enterprise dealing with cultivation, fruit-growing and pig-farming in Hungary, which is committed to the efficient and responsible agricultural production.
The enterprise is a 100% Hungarian property, its registered office is Derecske. It employs more than 100 people continuously. Its management is stable, its revenue increases from year to year, while it implements significant developments and investments.

The management of Bold Agro Kft.:

Viktor Szab
managing director
Tel.: 52/702-026
Mobile: 30/299-5676
Fax: 54/410-004
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Imre Szab
managing director
Board chairman of HAVITA-TSZ
Tel.: 54/548-067
Mobile: 30/943-08-28
Fax: 54/410-004
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Our Activity


The hogs of Bold Agro are exemplary, enjoy comfort and board being in the European cutting edge. Due to circumstances of their keeping their meat of outstanding quality, delicate, nourishing. What is the respect of our hogs owing to?

We pay attention to the animals.

We voluntarily overfulfil the provisions of the Act on Livestock Production, because we confess that the meat of the healthy animals kept under suitable circumstances is of higher quality than that of their fellows. For this we have taken several steps:
  • The animals are placed on on-skid, convenient concrete or concrete grating.
  • More than 75% of the sows in farrow are kept in groups.
  • When lying down, the suckling sows do not smother the piglets, the protection is ensured.
  • The place for keeping the animals can be cooled or heated as per the requirements, hotness can be reduced even with 5 degrees in summer.
  • The exchange of air is ensured more than a hundred times an hour.
  • The drinking water is of potable water quality.
  • The space falling to the lot of an animal is higher than that specified by the law, so the animals can grow in convenience, under circumstances of high standard.

Our workers are up-to-date, we apply a modern technology.

We appreciate the experts dealing with animals, take their opinion into consideration.

Our workers participate in in-service trainings, courses improving the organization and presenting our obligations of animal protection.

We use the most modern Weda technology in our pig-farms, due to this both the feedingstuff blending and forwarding are supervised by computerized control. During 2009-2008 we invested into a 1.8 billion technological development, converted the breeding technology to a Danish model being in the cutting edge of the world.

In harmony with the environment.

We establish harmonious environment for the animals, and meanwhile we try to protect the complete living world as well, since the sustainable development is important for us. We perform the most effective use of feedingstuff in correlation with one kilogram meat, thereby we reduce the extent of emergence of the greenhouse effect. We reduced our water- and energy use by 30%, replace 40% of our use of artificial fertilizer with manure produced by pigs.


The fruits of BoldAgro are widely known and recognized. The apple, sour cherry and plum from Derecske are among the finest fruits in Europe, demanded both inland and abroad. What is the international success of our fruits owing to?

We like trees.

The fruits in Derecske feel well in the region and the environment established by us. We believe that if we supply the trees with everything, the final result will be perfect, quality, nice fruit. We subordinate our work to this purpose, nurse the trees with great love, enthusiasm by applying the most advanced technical solutions.

We deal with growing apple, sour cherry and plum, the apple from Derecske, grown by us, has became a brand known for many people.

When designing the plantations, we carefully pay attention to the suitable distance of rows and stumps , the running direction of the rows, and we carry out pruning of the trees with the aim that the growing fruits get as much light as possible, so the sunshine transfers its power, taste directly to the fruit. Since the fruits are at accessible places in this way, we can protect our plants with weaker spray of poorer quality. We perform integrated apple-, grape- and sour cherry growing, for this reason only certain plant protection chemicals can be used, so our fruits are not treated with strong chemicals continuously.

Thus during the production our aim is not to put as many products on the market as possible, but that the fruit does not overburden the tree and the fruits develop into flavoured, healthy fruits of appropriate size.

We carry out scientific researches, apply the most modern technologies.

In cooperation with the University of Debrecen, other universities and consultants of world standards we participate in scientific researches and apply the results.

For achieving the production of European level, by paying attention to the tendencies, we gather information on the most advanced technologies. We apply the Agrefa sorting system in our cold stores, it sorts the apples as per size and colour, and then the fruits go through a washing system, afterwards they are graded. We have a special packaging system, apply foil packaging, which is connected with scales. Our objective with the technological developments is to lower first costs, to facilitate the work of the people working here.

We are also recognized professional circles.

Our work is recognized, the feedback is positive. In 2006 Derecske Apple on the Hortico 2006 “Product Grand Prize”, and we can take pride in the title of “Excellent Hungarian Food” for five years. This recognition is completely in line with the endeavour of our company to direct the Hungarian consumer culture towards the product of good quality produced in our country and to give quality products into the purchaser’s hands at a good price.


Due to our employees’ work, expertise and proper combined application of the technologies Bold Agro Kft. has achieved outstanding results also in cultivation.

What are we special from?

In accordance with the capacities of the area we grow corn, wheat, barley, sunflower and rape in the fields. The objective of cultivation is that we produce the feedingstuff requirement of our livestock, i.e. the pig-farm..

Each plant requires individual attention and treatment, so we grow them accordingly. In the past years an own cultivation technology has formed for all species. We apply them continuously, and expand them with technologies complying with the most recent knowledge. We have the mechanical devices needed for the cultivation techniques, including the drying and storing capacity, by which we give a possibility for the local agricultural producers to store the grown corn at our place, while they are waiting for the most suitable selling period thereby.

We have introduced several new cultivation technical solutions, which facilitate the cultivation. For a part of the areas the operation going with the highest energy use, ploughing, was replaced with other operations. So the humidity, organic material content of the soil remain, the structure of the soil significantly improves, the energy use decreases.

It also promotes the protection of the arable land and our animals that we apply toxin-free production. The feedingstuff infected with microtoxins is harmful from the point of view of the animals’ production (due to reproduction and mass growth problems significant production decline occurs).
For avoiding it during both the cultivation techniques and storing technology we pay increased attention to the preventive measures. Thus we apply rotary soil cultivation in order to reduce the chemical loading.

The future of cultivation

Our plans include that we use the most recent technologies as a complete system first in Hungary. These technologies are available not only like a presentation, but they have united as a complete system at the larger Hungarian distributors’, mainly in accordance with an American model.
For the realization of our aim we have already taken the first steps, continuously research the new technologies, which apply to plant protection chemicals, artificial fertilizer dosages, sowing-time among others.

We would like to implement such technological developments, which give a response to the future challenges, i.e. we set the reduction of the environment loading as a target. We would like to achieve it with precision devices, want to use the plant inputs, i.e. the expensive plant protection chemicals, artificial fertilizers to a lesser extent.

We place great emphasis on the environment.

In our opinion it is essential that we pay attention to the needs, changes of our environment. We utilize the liquid dung produced in the pig-farm in the fields, thereby we achieve significant saving during the use of fossil artificial fertilizer. During placing it out the liquid dung is injected into the soil, so the nitrogen loss decreases to zero.
During the modern drying technology we reduced the energy use by 30 %. Since we apply filter dust exhaust, the point source-like air pollution can be avoided.

Prizes, Recognitions

We are proud that Bold Agro Kft. is one of most effective agricultural enterprise dealing with pig-farming, cultivation and fruit-growing in Hungary. Our excellent results achieved so far are also proved by our prizes.

Hungarian Agricultural Economic Quality Prize 2006

This recognition is for those who are committed to the quality management in a demonstrable way, as well as who are able to produce products of good quality. We met these expectations and we can be proud of this prize for some years as well.

Hortico 2006. Debrecen „Product Grand Prize”

This prize was awarded to the Derecske apple in 2006, since it was standing at an outstanding place in the field of the inland fruit-growing. The aim of bestowing the prize was to facilitate getting into the commercial trade of the products competitive both in the inland and international markets, produced in Hungary, of excellent quality.

The Derecske Alma has the Excellent Hungarian Food Trademark on

Complying with this trademark, the Derecske apple gets into the purchasers’ basket as safe food.

The Excellent Hungarian Food Trademark aims to direct the Hungarian consumer culture towards the products of good quality produced in our country.


Derecske Apple – from the harvest to the processing.


Bold Agro Kft.:
Address: 4130 Derecske, Kztrsasg u. 114.

Cold store: Derecske, main road No. 47., at 16 km
Tel.: 06 52 702-026
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GPS coordinates: 47.391464, 21.600580

Morg farm (Pig-farm and Cultivation Centre)
GPS coordinates: 47.351574, 21.536953

Konyr Site
GPS coordinates: 47.319803, 21.682141

Enviroment Protection

We not only comply with the European environmental laws, but also overfulfil them. A law of the EU of outstanding importance is the 96/61 EC Directive of the European Council on the integrated pollution prevention and reduction. It is the expression of that requirement, in accordance with which the impact of the process on the environment as a whole has to be examined in a more integrated way. The enforcement of the integrated approach is ensured by applying the best available technique (BAT) specified by the law.

In practice it means that during the processes (designing, authorization, implementation, operation, discontinuation of the activity) we endeavoured for reduction of the emissions at the source and application of the natural resources due to the application of the technique.

We reduced the specific water use. We do not use flushing water for removal of the manure, furthermore we equipped the high-pressure washing- and disinfecting equipment with a special spray head. By utilizing them the required cleanness can be achieved by using shorter time and less water. We reduced the specific (electric and natural gas) energy use.
We reduced the specific feedingstuff use.
We managed to significantly reduce the quantity of the slurry produced at the site by ignoring the use of flushing water. The produced slurry is stored in safe metal-storing containers with fibreglass cover until it is used. When the pigs are cared, we try to reduce the environmental impacts negatively influencing the living world, since the sustainable development is important for us.

Beyond the application of this technology our aim is to minimise the environmental hams.

We perform the most efficient feedingstuff use in the world in correlation with one kilogram meat, thereby we reduce the extent of formation of the greenhouse effect. We reduced our water-and energy use by 30 %, replace 40 % of our artificial fertilizer use with the manure produced by the pigs, and thereby we can achieve significant saving during the use of fossil artificial fertilizer. When placing it out, we inject the slurry into the soil, so the nitrogen loss decreases to zero.

Fewer chemicals

We endeavour to pollute our environment with as little artificial material as possible, our aim is the use of the least spray and chemicals as possible during the production. Our principle: we would rather spray less more times than more unnecessarily.
We perform agricultural environment management, i.e. we reduced the specific energy use by 30%. Since we apply filter dust exhaust, the point source-like air pollution can be avoided.

We hope that we show an example to other enterprises with our activity, environment-conscious behaviour. Our aim is to implement the sustainable development, to produce fine products in an environment-friendly way.

Communal Role

We know that a company can be really successful if it is surrounded by committed workers and a supporting community.

Workers’ community

We think that our company is not only a workplace, but rather a good workers’ community, in which the mutual respect and appreciation are characteristic.

Behind our successes our workers’ commitment, knowledge, enthusiasm are standing. We all endeavour to produce quality products, and meanwhile the happiness, welfare of those living around us is also important.
Our aim is to cooperate with the partners getting along, developing. 100 % of our workers are Hungarian and we recognize their work not only financially, but morally as well. We are proud that we build Bold Agro Kft. with our workers through the collective knowledge and experience, which company is one of the most efficient agricultural companies in Hungary.

The community of Derecske

Bold Agro feels the support of the community of Derecske from the beginning, so our company actively participate in the life of Derecske. So we try to recompensate the love and support received from the inhabitants in several ways.

We apply workers from Derecske, 100 permanent workers and 100 seasonal work when harvesting. We help the community of Derecske with not only this, but we regularly support the local communities, carnival, bal, charity programs with the products produced by us. Besides we provide outstanding support to the children’s artistic group in Derecske, who endeavour to reinforce and distribute the theatrical culture in our small town.

We are founders and an active initiating company (members) of more local producers’ and sellers’ organizations and we undertake a part in the interest-safeguarding organizations and public bodies operating in the agriculture. We are the Department Placed Out and Model Farm of the Faculty of Management Science and Rural Development of the University of Debrecen, so we ensure practical field for the research of several university and PHD students.

We distribute the reputation of Derecske with the prizes, recognitions received our productions and our relationships.

‘School Fruit’ program

Besides supporting the community we consider it important to serve the health. For implementing it we have participated in the School Fruit program of the European Union since last year. Within the framework of the initiation we present the students in years 1-4 in the primary school with 1 apple every day, respectively.

With this “green” box support we promote the children’s healthy nourishment.

Agriculture efficiently and responsibly
© copyright 2011. Bold Agro Kft. 4130 Derecske, Kztrsasg u. 114.
Telephone: +36 (54) 548-067 Fax: +36 (54) 410-004
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  • Pig-farming
    The Bold Agro pork is a product of really premium quality.
  • Fruit-growing
    Our fruits are among the most excellent ones with their individual taste world.
  • Cultivation
    We grow our plants with suitable expertise and careful attention.



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